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...not as much as you think

At Sundog Solar, we do whatever it takes to keep our clients satisfied. Our work is an important source of pride for us, and we’d love for you to see what solar can do for you. As a service provider committed to client satisfaction, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you hire us. Choose quality. Choose Sundog Solar.

Cost: Recent Work

In WV, the average electric bill is around $106 per month.  This equates to about $1,272 per year.

A 6.96 kW solar array will reduce this electric bill by about 82%. That’s $1043 every year.  Some customers can achieve 100% offset of their electric bill with ideal conditions as the actual system size will differ depending on array alignment, slope of array, and available space for the array.  The greater the offset the greater the savings.

Cost of a 6.96 kW system is around $17,400.  This cost will vary slightly depending on factors such as roof type, pitch, access, and existing electrical.

The government has the Investment Tax Credit for solar installs that covers 30% of the system.  In this case that’s $5,220 off. 

The NET COST is now $12,180 ($17,400 minus the tax credit of $5,220)

SAVINGS OVER 25 YEARS (Warranty period)

Over the last decade electricity costs from the power company have increased 3% per year.  Taking this into consideration and switching to solar you will have saved $34,000 instead of paying around $46,000 to the power company.THAT'S AN $80,000 DIFFERENCE!

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